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The package includes more than 12 thousand channels in very high definition 8K & 4K & FHD
All Arab and international channels are available in the package, in addition to all countries, they are available with very high accuracy

A very huge movie library, more than 60 thousand movies with daily update
Series library of more than 10 thousand series
Adult content available with high resolution

A guaranteed package without cutting, provided that an appropriate internet speed of at least 30 megabytes is available to operate the package in an excellent manner

6 reviews for VIP package

  1. معاذ الراجحي


  2. tamer


  3. محمد القاسمي

    معاملة على اعلى مستوى و احترافية مميزة ، الله يعينكم انشالله دايما

  4. adad

    افضل خدمة واسرع خدمة

  5. مسعود

    طريقة الاستراك بالفيزا بأفضل واقوي استراك

  6. ز س ا


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